Dr Bongiovanni

Doctor Angelo Bongiovanni was the second husband of Mary Inez Colosi-Bongiovanni, and the father of Mariano Antonio Siro Bongiovanni. He was also the step-father of Lucia Colosi.

Doctor Bongiovanni is one of the biggest mysteries in our family tree.  I can’t find any records on him, but I will share what I know.  Dr Bongiovanni was born in Italy. At some point he married Mary Inez Colosi, who was an opera singer. This was Mary’s second marriage, but I’m not sure how that came about because divorce was illegal in Italy.

Doctor Bongiovanni and Mary had a son in 1886. Mary’s daughter, Lucia Colosi, was 14 years old at that time.  They named their son Mariano Antonio Siro Bongiovanni, and when he was about 16 years old, around 1902, he immigrated to America.  At some point, Doctor Bongiovanni also immigrated to America; possibly at the same time as his son.

Doctor Bongiovanni lived in Pennsylvania. The story was handed down that Doctor Bongiovanni’s son became ill and went to see his father because his father was a doctor. The story says his father was living in Beaver Dale, Pennsylvania near Johnstown.

There has never been any mention of the Doctor’s wife, Mary, so I have assumed she died in Italy and never came to America.  Since Mary would have been born sometime around 1982, I have assumed Doctor Bongiovanni was born close to that same time.

Doctor Bongiovanni’s son was born in San Pier Niceto, Sicily. Either this was his father’s home town or else the Doctor and his wife moved there prior to their son’s birth.

I know nothing more about Doctor Bongiovanni nor do I have any photos of him.  It is my hope that records will be discovered or that someone who knew of him will get in touch with me and give me further information.

All family pages will continue to be updated whenever new information is discovered. (Last update for this page was made March 30, 2012)


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