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For those of you who want to keep your photos stored in boxes, archival storage boxes are the best. But if you simply can’t afford them, and need to keep costs as low as possible, Sterilite containers sold at your local Walmart are a possible alternative.  These containers are not made from the more harmful plastics, and they are listed as acid-free and safe for photo storage.

When it comes to photo albums, department stores sell cheap albums, but I don’t recommend them for originals because many of them are not acid and lignin free. However, a way to cut your photo album costs would be to place copies of the originals in these cheaper albums.  For albums that will store your original photos, check for them at photography stores. Photo albums for your precious originals need to pass the Photographic Activity Test (PAT). The PAT is a national standard that ensures none of the materials in the product will damage your photos.

When framing pictures or documents, be sure your matting is acid and lignin free. Don’t use tape, glue or any kind of adhesives. Use special glass that filters out damaging light. Never allow sunshine to hit your pictures even with filtered glass. And don’t hang frames on outside walls, near vents or drafts because the temperature can vary too much. Again, if you have to cut costs, use copies instead of originals when framing.

THE CHARCOAL TRICK:  placing old photos and documents in an airtight container with charcoal will help remove the musty odor.

IDEA PAGES FOR YOUR GENEALOGY ALBUMS AND SCRAPBOOKS:   Here are some title ideas for your pages:  Oral History, Extraordinary Events, Illnesses and Accidents, Family Traditions, Family Vacations, Houses Pets & Automobiles, Special Friends, Companies Worked For, Military Records, Schools & Graduations, Places of Worship, Citizenship Records, Vital Records, Collections & Heirlooms, Hobbies & Sports, Favorite Toys, Favorite Music and Songs.