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Welcome to the first branch of my family tree blogs.  I say that with the vision to have a new blog site for each main branch of my and my husband’s family tree.  Only time will tell if it goes that far. My name is Ginger Marie Boerkircher (maiden name: Cooke), and I have been working on my family tree since 1977.

This website will focus primarily on my maternal grandfather, Angelo Colosi. It will also include information on my maternal grandmother, Minnie Maggie Bongiovanni.  I plan to have “family pages”, listed across the top of the page, for different members or for couples of both the Colosi and Bongiovanni families.

This site will provide a simple and easy way to share information with known, and possibly unknown, family members.  The information is limited. Many things have hindered my ability to locate data and photographs. Perhaps one day a long-lost family member will turn up and give us further insight.

If anyone finds errors in any of the information on this site, please contact me with corrections.