Information on Nester/Nastasi


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I was contacted by a distant cousin today.  She is a descendant of my great, great grandfather Domenic Nester’s brother.  Domenic’s brother was Antonio Nastasi / Nastase. Antonio’s wife was Angelina Catanzaro. They had settled in Beaverdale, PA and had 14 children (several died in infancy). I also learned that Domenic and Antonio had another brother named Natale Nastasi who also emigrated to America and settled in Niagara Falls.

I understand there is a Facebook page for the decedents of Antonio and Angelina that I hope to check out soon. I was pleased to hear that some of my photos and information have been shared there.

If anyone has information on the Colosi or Bongiovanni sides of the family, I would appreciate hearing from you, too.